Director of Photography

"Untitled" Short Film by Terrance Elentany

November 2016 (Upstate New York)

Sony FS700/ Sony A7


1st AC

Promo Shoot for FITBIT

October 2016 (New York, New York)




Director of Photography

"Monster"- Short film

October 2016 (Upstate New York)

- Sony A7/ FS700


Director of Photography

Venture Opera "Don Giovanni" and "Carmen"

August- September 2016 (New York, New York)

-Sony FS700


Director of Photography

"Distance: A comedy"

July 2016 (New York, New York)

- Canon c300/c100


1st AC

Promo Shoot for NYLAG

Sony FS700/ Sony A7

March 2016(New York, New York)



Director of Photography

"Sweet Thing"

 Jan 2016 (New York New York)

- Canon c300


Director of Photography

"The Upside"- Web Series

July 2015 (New York, New York)

- Canon c300


Director of Photography

"Tracks" - Music Video for R.Ariel

June 2015 (New York, New York)

- Canon c300


1st AC

"Bruce"- Feature Film

May 2015 (New York, New York)

 - Red Epic


Director of Photography

“”  -Short                                                                          

    January 2015(New York, New York)

·       Canon C100



“Now/Here” -Feature Film                                                              

    September 2014- November 2014  (New York, New York) 

·       Canon c100, Canon c300


Director of Photography

“ Sewage” Directed by Jason Thomas Guzman                                      

     October 2014 (New York, New York)

·       Black Magic


Director of Photography

“Nothing Serious” Feature Film, Directed by John Appleton          

  December2014 (New York, New York)

       ·    Canon 5D Mk iii.


1st AC

“F-7th” Webseries                                                                                                                       

March 2014   (New York, New York)

·       Assist on Canon 7D


Camera Operator

Web series “ EMT Talks”                                                                                  

October 2013   (New York, New York)             

·       B Cam Operator, B-roll, Canon 5D for Interviews


Freelance Photographer/Digital Technician

Saks Fifth Ave Photo Studio                      

 October 2012- Current (New York, New York)

·       Assist in Photo shoots for Fashion for use in online catalog


1st. Assistant Camera

Joseph Laurence Photography                                                             

  August 2012- Current(New York, New York)

·   Assist with Camera equipment including Medium Format, 4x 5 and  

     Polaroid 420                    


Director of Photography

“Colours” Trailer for Feature Film,

  Directed by Brian Wade     

 December 2013     (New York, New York)

·       Feature Film, Shooting on Canon 5D Mk iii, 7D and 60D



Music Video“The MBA Motto”-YLMBA 

Directed by Mo’ Ekwa                          

February , 2013          (New York, New York)   

RED Workflow


Camera Operator

 “Women in the C Suite” Web series                                                      

   January, 2013        (New York, New York)  

·         Interview with Pamela Edwards, CFO of Victoria Secret


Camera Operator-

Spring Standards Live at Gild Hall Concert DVD                              

December 26, 2012 (Arden, Delaware)

Sony NEX Fs100


1st AC

Clementine and the Galaxy Music Video- “Robot”                                                      

December 15th. 2012     (New York, New York)



Associate Editor

Feature Film- “Foxy Merkins” (2013) dir. Madeleine Olnek                                    

September 2012- July, 2013 (New York, New York)


Intrinsic Value Productions/Red Giant Media Production Assistant                      

August 2012- August 2013  (New York, New York)



1st. AC 

“Bubbles” Music Video.

Cinematographer: Owen Donovan                   

September 2012 (New York, New York)

Sony NX FS100


Camera Dept. Production Assistant

“Blue Caprice” (2013) dir. Alexandre Moors                  

September 2012 (New York, New York)


Citizen Film Documentary Production Assistant-                                      

September 2011- December 2011            

(San Francisco, CA)  

·       Transcribing Interview Footage, Funding Research using Excel, Creating Subtitles, Selecting clips

·       Library Archival research, Set up/Break down film equipment: Canon 5D& 7D. Tripods, lighting and Sound

·       Internet Archival research, Upload footage on Social Networking Sites for dissemination, Edited Blog


Director of Photography

“Inside” dir. Sydney Veazey                                               

 July 2011- October 2011 (Santa Cruz, CA)

Red Epic


Current TV Vanguard Journalism Production Editor-                                      

May 2011- August 2011                 (San Francisco, CA)     

·       Transcribed footage of television show, Edited B roll footage via Final Cult Pro

·       Internet Archiving and Research, Music and Sound selection, Created Web Content